Retail Platform (ORP)

Our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) is the complete toolkit for ambitious omnichannel operators who want to lead the pack.

What is ORP?

Omnichannel retailers are always up against it. They’ve got to wrestle with a host of systems, navigate the digital and physical at the same time, and all while delivering a seamless customer experience.

With ORP (Omnichannel Retail Platform) retailers can easily manage orders, products, and stock, across every channel – whether it’s online or offline – streamlining their omnichannel outfit and getting the edge on their competition.

Take charge of omnichannel orders

ORP comes equipped with a dedicated Order Management System (OMS) that completely connects your channels through your existing systems like your ERP and WMS.

With ORP you can:
- Manage orders from every channel effortlessly
- Unlock stock from all locations in all channels
- Empower customers to shop in every channel they want from anywhere
- Find new customers and expand your market presence

Manage every channel in one place

ORP gives retailers everything they need to easily manage thousands of orders across any channel, including webshops, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores.

Click & Collect

Customers love having extra choices when it comes to getting their orders. ORP’s Click & Collect functionality can even integrate with your existing POS system.

Ship from store

Get even more value from your physical locations by turning them into distribution centers. That gives your customers more delivery options and cuts stock transit costs.

Route orders to and from multiple stock locations

By connecting multiple stock locations, ORP can help you fulfill orders faster by using online and offline stock all at once and routing everything to its final destination.

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Take more products to market faster

The faster you get products online, the faster you can sell them. ORP’s built-in Product Channel Management (PCM) speeds up product uploads and updates without sacrificing accuracy. With ORP you can:

- Manage all product content in one place, avoiding extra manual work
- Easily update product information in bulk 
- Automate product uploads and updates
- Expand your omnichannel reach by selling in multiple languages

Manage all products across all channels

ORP is the best way to get a handle on your products, no matter where you’re selling them. Add, update, and customize products online and offline easily.

Create new products

In ORP’s PCM, you can add as many products as you want to any of your channels in bulk. Simply import existing data in your ERP system and get them in-store and online.

Manage product attributes

Store and organize all of your custom product attributes so that you can quickly change them or apply them to entire product groups all at once.

Connect to marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon, Bol, or aggregators like Tradebyte or Channelengine.


We are Wolfpack

Digital commerce is what we do. We’ve built ORP to give omnichannel retailers what they actually need and in doing so we make their lives easier and their growth potential greater. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, or anything in between, we have the expertise and experience to improve your omnichannel operation and help you grow your business.