ORP works with the systems you use

There wouldn’t be much point in a platform that was supposed to join up the dots for omnichannel retailers if it didn’t work with popular systems. That’s why ORP already works with the platforms you use, and we’re always developing new integrations to keep pace with our customers.


The faster you get products online, the faster you can sell them. ORP’s built-in Product Channel Management (PCM) speeds up product uploads and updates without sacrificing accuracy. With ORP you can:

ORP is the best way to get a handle on your products, no matter where you’re selling them. Add, update, and customize products online and offline easily.

Create New Products

In ORP’s PCM, you can add as many products as you want to any of your channels in bulk. Simply import existing data in your ERP system and get them in-store and online.

Manage Product Attributes

Store and organize all of your custom product attributes so that you can quickly change them or apply them to entire product groups all at once.

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Connect To Marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.

Connect To Marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.

Connect To Marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.

Connect To Marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.

Connect To Marketplaces

Reach new customers and grow your omnichannel presence by quickly adding your products to marketplaces like Amazon and Bol.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
The Wolfpack team has a long expertise in connecting and implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We were actually the first to implement SFCC in the Netherlands and South-Africa. The ORP Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration has been running at many clients across multiple countries. ORP seamlessly absorbs order details, handles order status, stock and takes care of product content which reduced workload for ecomm teams working in the SFCC business manager.

Shopify (plus)
The ORP Shopify connection is extensive and runs at many clients. This includes various versions of the Shopify platform, including of course the Shopify plus platform. ORP enables full omni-channel journeys as we also connect Shopify POS that runs in stores, as well as Shopify B2B for business customers.

Adobe Commerce
The Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform comes with specific challenges for connecting systems. ORP has successfully tackeled these challenges and the ORP Magento connection takes care or orders, order statuses, bulk product updates and stock information. We work closely with several Adobe commerce agencies to continuously update and improve the Abode Commerce ORP connector.

The ORP Shopware integration handles orders, stock and product integration. For our Shopware clients this allows them to make Shopware an integral part of the omni-channel journey, connecting with the POS seamlessly.

SAP is one of the main ERP systems in the market, and comes in various versions and editions. The ORP SAP integration runs at various retailers ion Europe and South-Africa. ORP integrates with SAP for orders, invoices, returns, status updates, product content and synch of stock. The ORP SAP connection reduces load on SAP and need for SAP customizations to connect channels.

The Oracle ERP is one of the leading ERP systems that runs at various Wolfpack clients. It comes in various on prem and cloud versions, and the ORP Oracle integration facilitates them all. The ORP Oracle Netsuite connector, for example, takes care of orders, stock and products at a leading South-African client.

Microsoft Business Central
Microsoft Business Central or Microsoft BC is a standardized mid-market ERP solution we have connected with many times. The Microsoft BC ORP connector helps retailers connect BC to channels like webshops, stores and market places. Our partner TCOG specializes in Microsoft Business Central implementations and support and we team up with them often.

The Sage ERP system was connected first with ORP around 5 years ago at our leading South-African retailer. The ORP Sage integrations takes care of orders, product and stock. We work with partners like t3t in South-Africa to enhance and improve our Sage ORP connector continuously.

The Reflecta XL-ENZ ERP focuses on Fashion companies. The ORP XL-ENZ connector allows for orders, stock and product content to flow seamlessly between the systems.

It’s Perfect ERP
The It’s Perfect ERP is another specialized Fashion ERP. As Wolfpack originated in the Fashion retail sector over 10 years ago, we still have many fashion retailers as customers. The ORP it's Perfect integration helps retailers to manages orders and products across sales channels like webshops and stores.

The Exact ERP is geared towards smaller and mid-market companies. It’s a standardized solution with limited customization possibilities. The Exact ORP connector enables retail and wholesale companies to manage order information, products and stock seamlessly.

Cow Hills
The Wolfpack Cow Hills connection goes back over a decade. Cow Hills is the leading POS system in the Netherlands and South-Africa. Our technical teams work together closely to always improve the Cow Hills ORP integration. We have many joint clients. ORP enables customers to experience the full omni-channel experience as the order-in-store on Cow Hills POS, return items bought online or see offline purchases in their online my-account environment. The Cow Hills ORP integration suite enable omni-channel order management for large retail chains.

Cegid is a large (originally French) international POS supplier. The ORP Cegid connector first originated at a project for one of the largest football clubs in the world. The ORP Cegid connection allows fans to purchase online, and pick up (customized) shirts in their favorite stadium store.

Valk Solutions
Valk Solutions is an integrated total solution for retail companies. ORP runs an integration for clients that primarily use Valk as POS system, connecting the stores to the webshop and other digital channels.

LS Central
LS Central extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s #1 ERP solution globally, with all the retail features you need. Our partner TCOG specializes in BC and LC implementations in the Benelux. Our ORP LS Central connector allows retailers to integrate the stores seamlessly to web and other digital channels, for true omni-channel order management.

One of the leading global payment solutions. Adyen is the PSP of choice for many of our European clients. The ORP Adyen integration has been operational for many years. The Adyen ORP connector reduces manual work for retail finance teams, as returns and refunds are handled automatically in ORP.

The ORP Buckaroo integration runs at several larger Dutch clients. It enables back-office teams to handle payments and refunds with minimal work, whilst still maintaining control. Using ORP, finance teams can manage rights of teams to process refunds and differentiate between amounts. 

Paypal is a payment method that is often connected directly to a webshop and not via a PSP. No problem for ORP, as we have a Paypal ORP connector that allows for easy order and refund management for returns.

Shopify Payments
Shopify is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms, and they are pushing their own payment solution hard. The ORP Shopify Payments integrations supports that growth, and allows retailers to manage orders, payments and refunds in a seamless way.

Powering more than 10 million daily transactions, PayU’s suite of global payment solutions are trusted each day by more than 450,000 merchants and millions of customers around the world. The ORP PayU connector was developed for our South-African clients.

SID Secure EFT is one of the safest and fastest payment methods you can use to shop online or to accept instant payments online. Quick & easy payment on any device. The ORP SID connector helps our South-African retail clients to allow seamless payments and management of orders and returns.

Zapper is one of the leading payment partners in South-Africa, with over 30k business as customer. The ORP Zapper connector handles payments and returns seamlessly, reducing work for your back-office teams.

PayJustNow is another South-African payment method. The rather fragmented South-African payment market underlines how ORP can help retailers to integrate and minimize work. PayJustNow ORP connector handles refunds and payments and updates orders.

PostNL is the largest courier in the Netherlands. The ORP PostNL integrations helps retailers to integrates shipping. ORP generates shipping labels, informs the courier and manage the track-and trace information of the orders. The advanced Ship-from-store functionality of ORP uses the ORP PostNL integration.

One of the leading global parcel couriers, and the number 2 B2C shipper in the Netherlands. We have an ORP DHL connector that offers the full suite of shipping information exchange. Parcel are pre-announced to DPD, Track and trace comes back and shipping labels can be printed using the ORP DHL integration.

DPD is one of the fast growing B2C and B2B courier in Europe. The ORP DPD integration works to seamlessly exchange all relevant shipping information and create DPD shipping labels in line with all DPD standards.

Paazl is a courier aggregator, which for retailers is an interesting option as it allows for consumers to choose their favorite courier in the check-out process. The ORP Paazl connector allows all shipping and tracking information to stay with the order, allowing for example customer service to provide up-to-date information on the order status to consumers.

Sendcloud is another leading courier aggregator, with a slightly different business model. But in essence it enables retailers to use and integrate with many shippers. The ORP Sendcloud integration then allows ORP to have latest shipping and tracking information with the order.

Parcel Ninja
In the South-African market, we have worked with Parcel Ninja for years at several clients. The ORP Parcel Ninja integration is proven and works well to update order status and shipping to all relevant parties within the retailer, and of course in communication with the customers. 

One of the more traditional South-African couriers. A bit more challenging to connect, but we made it work. So the ORP RAM connector is available for exchange of order and shipping information for our South-African clients.

Close to our heart because of the Dutch founders, Pargo is an innovative and fast-growing pick-up point network in South-African. As Pargo offers great connectivity, integrating Pargo to ORP was a breeze. The ORP Pargo integration offers exchange of all relevant shipping and order information.

The leading courier in Belgium, and as such an important carrier for our benelux retailers. A full BPost ORP integration is available to all retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Dawn Wing
Dawn Wing is one of South Africa’s leading express courier companies, specializing time definite express delivery services for letters and parcels up to 30kgs for both B2B and B2C segments in South Africa. The ORP Dawn Wing integration was developed for our various South-African clients.

FedEx of course is one of the leading global shipping companies in the world. The ORP FedEx integration runs at our more international oriented retailers who send a large portion of parcel between continents. The FedEx ORP connector allows for seamless sharing of order and shipping data.

Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud is both a CRM for master customer data and an advanced tool for retail customer service teams. The Salesforce Service Cloud ORP connector is fully integrated at both our European and South-African clients. This enables retailers to have all customer, contact and order information  all at their fingertips when servicing a client. 

Zendesk is an innovative customer service tool that builds customer profiles based on data from many sources. The ORP Zendesk integration allows customer service agents to combine customer and order data for optimal customer service.

Voyado is taking the Dutch market by storm. A leading marketing automation tool originally from Sweden, it is both powerful and easy to use. The ORP Voyado integration ensures smooth integration of order info for marketing purposes.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud
The ORP Marketing Cloud integration fully supports the customer 360 strategy as enabled by the Salesforce suite. The tool is powerful yet requires a bit more skills from the users, and as such is primarily geared towards the enterprise market.

Sendgrid is the preferred mail system for us to send transactional mails to customers. Many of our customers use the ORP Sendgrid integration. As order status changes, automated triggers from ORP push out e-mails via Sendgrid.Clang. Clang enables retailers to set-up complex customer life-cycles and thus increase relevance of messages to consumers. The ORP Clang integration allows ORP to automatically trigger mails via Clang.

Mailchimp is an easy-to-use and best value e-mail and marketing automation solution. Geared towards the smaller and mid sized retailer. The ORP Mailchimp connector enables automation of transactional mails as part of a broader communication plan.

The eWarehousing WMS (eWMS) is geared towards e-fulfillment partners and webshop DCs. The eWMS ORP connector enables logistics parties to split and route orders based on location and stock levels before the orders hit the individual warehouses.

Locus WMS
The Locus WMS offered by Centric has been around for a while, and runs at various larger retailers. The ORP Locus integration is a full integration for orders, order statuses and can handle mispicks, split orders and returns.

Larger ERPs like SAP have extensive WMS functionality. The ORP to SAP integration ensures seamless flow of orders to the WMS and flow of order status back to the webshop and other digital channels, and timely communication to consumers.

Business Central
The Microsoft Business Central ERP also has an WMS included in the overall suit. The ORP BC connector easily connects the WMS module to ORP for order and order status information.

ChannelEngine is a marketplace aggregator, and allows retailers to connect to over 700 individual market places worldwide. The ORP ChannelEngine integrations handles product content, order flow and stock levels. Mapping products to ChannelEngine mapping can easily be done in the ORP UI.

Channable is one of the leading market places aggregators, and is used by several of our customers. The ORP Channable integrations enables you to get your products on the Channable platform fast and easy… orders from Channable flow into ORP for fulfillment by you or your partners. With ORP PCM and Channable you can grow your sales with minimum extra effort.

Tradebyte is a leading platform for marketplace aggregation. The ORP Tradebyte integration was one of the first we developed, and runs at several of our clients for years. The ORP Tradebyte connector makes it easy for retailers to map products, and get them online with the right stock levels and images.

The biggest market place for our retail customers is without a doubt Amazon. It is for this reason we have developed an Amazon ORP integration. This integration is an Amazon certified app and as such passed all of the stringent Amazon criteria. It enables you to handle the large order volumes that follow once you go live with your products on Amazon.

The largest market place in the Netherlands is bol.com, with millions of users. The ORP Bol. integration enables retailers and brands to sell products on the Bol. platform, pull orders and get order status back to the end consumers. Managing stock across your own webshop and bol.com has never been easier, just use the ORP Bol. connector.