For many businesses, service staff do a brilliant job helping customers. That on its own is a deeply valuable thing. But what if those customer service agents were empowered to do more, and have the lines between customer service and sales blurred? With our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) it’s not only possible, it’s already started.

Why ORP Is So Powerful

Modern day customer service tools, like Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and others, are the front-line operators when it comes to consumer queries and concerns. From tracing past conversations to identifying customer preferences, these systems play a pivotal role in shaping the customer journey. However, these are mostly contact management systems – they provide information but don’t necessarily empower action.

This is where ORP steps in.

ORP isn't just compatible with these service systems; it is designed to integrate seamlessly with them, expand their functionality, and empower customer service agents to take deeper action. For instance, service representatives can access detailed order information, process refunds, apply discounts, and much more, all while operating within platforms like Salesforce. This quickly blurs the traditional lines between customer service and order management.

With ORP, customer service agents become empowered. Not only can they resolve a customer's issue, but they can also finalize sales, guide returns, suggest alternatives, and even upsell where appropriate. That means that this quality of customer interaction does not just improve service levels, but can also boost sales. Although it’s a reasonably new trend, some retailers are now monitoring the sales achievements of their service agents, recognizing the potential this approach holds.

The focus is of course still on providing superior service, even with an embedded sales function. But the better the tools, the better the chances of your service team providing outstanding support. That support can help build rapport, readying a customer for recommendations of different products or guidance to local stores.

In essence, the integration of customer service with ORP is not just about providing service or generating sales; it's about creating a seamless and enriched customer experience. It's about empowering your customer service agents with tools that enable them to elevate their role from basic troubleshooters to fully fledged customer advisors.

If you're ready to empower your customer service agents and take your omnichannel retail operations to the next level, Wolfpack is here to help. Contact us today, and let's start your journey toward service excellence.

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