At Wolfpack, we're super passionate about the global retail sector and helping international omnichannel operators build custom-made tech. We’re gaining more customers in South Africa, and our mission to become a market leader there led us to Digital Retail Africa 2024, where we took to the stage at Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention Centre. Here’s how it went down.

Great Minds In One PlaceIt was clear from the start that Digital Retail Africa 2024 was a melting pot of ideas and innovation, where the brightest minds in retail and technology converged to discuss the future of the industry. With over 20 presentations from other industry experts, the event was an incredible opportunity to deep dive into the latest trends disrupting retail – including artificial intelligence, big data, and optimizing the customer journey. It’s amazing to rub shoulders with other people as passionate as we are about retail and tech.

Our co-founder, Koen den Hollander, was among the distinguished speakers, sharing valuable insights from our experience in both European and South African markets. His presentation on the ambitions and challenges of retailers in adopting an omnichannel approach was not just about showcasing our expertise, but also about learning from the diverse experiences of attendees. Ultimately, it’s those experiences that inform our approach, so to have a room full of people with thoughts and questions is a gift.

Participating in Digital Retail Africa 2024 was more than just an opportunity to present our vision; it was a chance to engage with potential clients and partners. The conversations we had and the connections we made will prove extremely valuable as we continue to grow as an omnichannel retail tech leader in South Africa.

Omnichannel retail – in fact retail in general – is under constant pressure to deliver faster for less, while maintaining quality. That’s a real challenge for any business, but when you’re going a million miles an hour in a varied retail environment, maintaining growth is never easy. The ORP (Omnichannel Retail Platform) software that we’ve built helps lighten that load and showing it off to a crowd, many of whom didn’t know what we do was even possible, has been the highlight of the year so far.

Plus, sharing a stage with a diverse lineup of speakers, including Jacky Mampana from Dziva Group, Ansie van der Merwe from Pharmacy Direct, Mark Cockerell from Circana,

Matthew Bernath from ShopriteX, and Ansgar Pabst from Pick n Pay – was pretty special. Each brought their unique take and experience from their respective fields, covering topics like data analytics, digital transformation, and omnichannel retail strategies – professional heaven, basically.

Our goal really is to supercharge ORP adoption in both Africa and Europe, so stay tuned to see what we get up to next!

Want to bring onboard the best omnichannel retail tool on the market? Get in touch with Woflpack today, we’re ready to help today.

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