Based on our customers alone, the South African market has emerged as a vibrant front-runner for eCommerce innovation. Our journey in South Africa, which began with our first client there five years ago, has now blossomed into a much bigger presence and is made even better by a series of strategic partnerships. That growing list of customers, which includes notable retailers like Cape Union Mart, Wellness Warehouse, Old Mutual Property, Ares Holdings (Under Armour, Crocs, Birkenstock, 2XU and Vans), and Holdsport Group, needs an even better level of support, so we’ve brought in a real pro.

Introducing The Newest Member Of Wolfpack

A few months ago, we got to thinking: “What is the secret to our expansion in South Africa?”. It turns out it’s pretty straightforward, a combination of local insight, international experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. That’s led us to onboard more and more customers in the past few years, to the point where we’re now a leading omnichannel order management software in South Africa. And, as part of this growth trajectory, we knew we needed another layer of support to keep up that trend. So, it is a pleasure to announce that Jodie Peters is joining our pack, and taking the lead with all of our clients in South Africa.

Jodie brings with her a wealth of experience, from years of leading projects and managing a network of vendors in the fast-paced retail sector of South Africa. Her track record speaks for itself, with a significant stint at Cape Union Mart where she first encountered Wolfpack. Jodie’s expertise was not just in running projects efficiently; it was her ability to piece together the complex puzzle of client services with a bunch of vendors, making sure everything went smoothly, and being on hand the second it didn’t. That approach really resonates with us.

When putting this piece together, we checked in with Jodie to get her feedback on how she initially felt about Wolfpack, and she had this to say: “Wolfpack wasn’t just another vendor; they were a partner that stood by us, making my life and the lives of our customers infinitely easier. Their readiness and strength as a team to deliver not only quickly but seamlessly set them apart.” We promise she said that without us prompting her.

This is not just a career move for Jodie; it's a homecoming. Having worked with Wolfpack as a client, she understands the intricacies of the South African market and the unique challenges it presents. Her perspective is invaluable as we deepen our footprint in a market that's rapidly catching, and in some places outstripping global e-commerce trends.

With Jodie at the helm, Wolfpack's clients in South Africa will benefit from a single point of contact who is not only an industry expert, but also a familiar face with a profound understanding of what they’re going through.

“It’s funny; I have to remind myself that I’m now part of the Wolfpack team, and not the client, but this is what puts me in the perfect position to bring Wolfpack's international expertise to the local needs.”

As Jodie prepares to work with her home market, her focus is clear: build personal, face-to-face relationships:

"The trust I have in Michel and Koen mirrors the trust I want to instill in our clients. It's about being on the journey with them.”

Wolfpack’s expansion in South Africa isn't just about scaling operations; it's about embedding ourselves within the fabric of local commerce and contributing to its transformation. With Jodie joining our ranks, we’re ready to help companies embrace omnichannel and get ahead.

Want to redefine your idea of omnichannel? Want to make it a reality for your business? Look no further than Wolfpack, contact us today.

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