You probably know that Wolfpack is headquartered in Amsterdam, and while we’ve got a pretty big presence in the Netherlands and South Africa, we’ve also got a fully decked-out office in Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s a thriving tech hub and a big part of our strategic expansion. It’s also been open for a couple of years, and we thought it was about time we shouted about it and gave the spotlight to a super-important member of our team.

The Evolution Of Wolfpack's Global Presence

In the beginning, we were collaborating with various agencies, but we quickly realized we needed more control if we wanted to be successful with our strategy of fostering partnerships. This led to opening our office in Sofia, where we knew that we could assemble a crack squad of developers in no time, with it being a big player in the dev space. This office isn’t an isolated, offshore building but a big part of Wolfpack, actively participating in daily standups and joining the team in NL for in-depth tech sessions as well as trips to the pub whenever they come over, or we visit them.

Todor Vasilev – A Dedicated Expert

A team of four power the Sofia office, but we thought it would be a good idea to start out by shining a light on Todor Vasilev, the first .NET developer to join the team in Sofia.

Todor's journey with Wolfpack started in May 2022 and his background in development started in 2018 after an Erasmus program in Portugal. Pair that with prior experience in BI and service businesses and he’s exactly what we need when it comes to handling both the pressures of complex development and demanding customers.

Todor is not just a skilled developer; he’s also a passionate ultra-trail marathon runner, having participated in a 24-hour trail running event in Bulgaria. We can’t understand what would make someone do that to themselves, but he always smiles when he talks about it, so we assume he enjoys himself!

Looking ahead, Todor shares the broad Wolfpack vision that we should make our tech even more accessible to new customers, with a super smooth onboarding process that quickly brings value to new partners. That’s ultimately why Todor is such a great member of the team. He’s ambitious, wants to work with cool businesses, and that just fits perfectly at Wolfpack.

Future Aspirations And Contributions

The Sofia development office is a foundational element in Wolfpack's journey towards becoming a leading international digital omni-channel software company. With team members like Todor, who not only bring technical expertise but also embody the spirit of innovation we always want to show off, Wolfpack is well-positioned to stay competitive and grow.

The team in Sofia is a clear example of how Wolfpack operates – not just as a scattered collection of individuals, but as a cohesive unit driving towards shared goals and success. The Wolfpack way is about tapping into talent, wherever it is, to create seamless and future-proof eCommerce experiences. With the team we’re developing, that’s exactly where we’re headed.

Want to work with us? Want to be a part of the team? We always want to talk to talented passionate people, so get in touch today.

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