Wolfpack aren’t the new kids on the block anymore, and it struck us that we’ve never spent any time talking about how we got started, or why it matters to you. Growing quickly and working with some huge names has been a real win for us, but more than anything, we want to make what we do the best it can be – for every retailer out there.

Origin Story

It’s crazy for us to say, but Wolfpack is now nearly five years old. That might not sound like a long time, but when you’ve been working hard to make it happen, it’s a big deal. Before 2017, our founders Michel and Koen had worked as part of a retail investment group for around five years. We were all doing a lot of work in eCommerce, including web shops, and we saw a need to link the physical channels with the digital ones. That's where the idea for Wolfpack, and the team that built it, came from, and it’s where we built the first layer, Version 0.1 if you will, of what the solution has now grown up to become.

In terms of traditional retail software architecture, the digital presence and the physical presence have always been in different silos. In stores, you have Point of Sale (PoS) software, which typically has a very different tech stack, to the most popular digital sales sites built on things like Salesforce and Shopify.

The key problem started when online stores originally started to grow. People started to connect the silos. That all went into an ERP, so what you got was a spaghetti mess of one-to-one data connections. This does work – sort of – but the more connections you have as you scale, the more you have to update. Plus it’s heavy on maintenance and breaks down very quickly.

Before we started Wolfpack, no retailer could get a good handle on unifying the two spaces, and businesses were leaving money on the table. We define the system we have built as an Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP). Breaking that down into three specific sections, its features include an order management platform, product channel management, and a connectivity layer – taking all the previously mentioned silos away.

Where We Make A Difference

We accept there are many sales channels and connecting them can be a big task. But we’ve seen that it’s better to connect them with a middleware, to remove the one-to-one connections that plague the classic setups. For clients who want to move toward more modern architecture, our service is also cloud-based, so you’ll never have out-of-date software. The more channels you have, the more powerful Wolfpack can be.

There are three major impacts we can have on retailers:

  • Increase revenue growth by unlocking stock in separating channels and giving consumers the chance to buy it wherever they are on their sales journey.
  • Improve customer experience by giving the consumer a better omnichannel journey. We give retailers the power to deliver the same experience and access to their customers at all times, wherever they are.
  • Cut costs, by being able to deliver product information to every sales channel, instantly and simultaneously, retailers save a huge amount of manual work that staff has to carry out.

Our customers are already seeing these benefits come to life, and we’re using the momentum we have to drive toward our goal of being the leading Omnichannel OMS and PCMS software provider in the Netherlands and South Africa, as well as growing our presence in Europe.

Want to increase revenue, cut costs, and improve customer experience? Talk to Wolfpack today.

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