March 5, 2022
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Take A Seat With Wolfpack And POLSPOTTEN

Dutch luxury brand POLSPOTTEN is a serious force in the industry. With high-end furniture and accessories being their forte, they have to be able to match the quality of their products with the quality of their service, to give a truly consistent impression to every customer. 

Today, we speak with Marielle Vaneman, Head of Digital at POLSPOTTEN, to get her take on their partnership with Wolfpack. We are always keen to shine a spotlight on customer success stories, this one in particular is a point of pride because of how closely we work together and the level of ROI we’ve delivered for POLSPOTTEN.

“Wolfpack is great at assessing our business needs, thinking outside the box, and coming up with practical solutions. They believe our success is their success, and that’s an approach we love.”

Marielle Vaneman, Head of Digital, POLSPOTTEN

True Omnichannel

POLSPOTTEN products can be found in a variety of places, you may have seen them in high-end hotel chains or department stores. We currently work with trade partners in over 65 countries. Alongside that, we run our own sales platform that serves B2C customers in the Benelux region. In addition, we run bespoke projects for large architecture and hospitality projects. It’s fair to say we have to manage a lot of channels.

"I first started with POLSPOTTEN as a freelancer and my role was to advise on their eCommerce platform. It became clear that it wasn’t going to be fit for the future that POLSPOTTEN wanted to create. I actually received positive press about Wolfpack quite early on in working at POLSPOTTEN. We reached out and the rest, as they say, is history."

Marielle Vaneman, Head of Digital, POLSPOTTEN

Something that was very different about Wolfpack’s approach was that there wasn’t a sales-heavy pitch at any point. What they were interested in was delivering a solution as a partner. They wanted to know how they could help, and this set them apart from many other software companies I have dealt with throughout my career. 

There has been a growing push to sell more via our digital platforms. This is because traditionally, we would rely heavily on big shows like MAISON&OBJET in Paris. These are fantastic settings to show off POLSPOTTEN products, but with more customers adopting digital channels, we have to meet them where they are.

Connecting The Dots

Wolfpack has helped to build a connection between our Salesforce and Exact installations through their ORP and PIM software. Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud setup supports both our Trade channel and our digital B2C offerings in Benelux. That bridge also extends to our POS systems, including the ones that we use at fairs. Basically, Wolfpack has joined everything up. 

We still go to major fairs because they’re great places to connect with customers as well as sell products. At fairs, we are now able to use a Salesforce setup so we can onboard customers there and then, as well as process their orders. This cuts out a large portion of manual follow-up work and increases sales chances because warm leads are converted there and then rather than having time to cool off.

Wolfpack also helped to set up a transport cost matrix that allows us to easily calculate international transportation costs automatically – a huge time-saver. This theme is present in all their work and both our Trade and B2C stores have been heavily optimized with improvements in the way we onboard, process orders, and take payments.

In the future, we’re going to expand and support the whole of Europe with our B2C platform, and we already know that Wolfpack will be critical in making that a success.

Want to tap into all the benefits of our ORP and PIM systems like POLSPOTTEN? Speak to Wolfpack today.