Cape Union Mart
February 23, 2019
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PoS Integration

Omnichannel Strategy

PIM Management

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Wolfpack’s Journey With Cape Union Mart

Wolfpack has worked for over half a decade with Cape Union Mart, South Africa's favorite outdoor adventure store. This collaboration, facilitated by a longstanding relationship with Cow Hills, the largest provider of POS software in the Netherlands, showcases a combination of expertise aimed at taking Cape Union Mart’s omnichannel retail experience to the next level.

Cape Union Mart, established in 1933, has now grown to cover over 400 stores across South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. The group is a market leader for outdoor clothing and equipment, with everything from walking boots to camping kits in their catalog. 

Sprawling Network Of Channels

The partnerships cornerstone was integrating Cow Hills’ PoS system with Wolfpack's Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) to enhance Cape Union Mart's operational efficiency. This synergy enabled seamless management across Cape Union Mart’s large range of retail chains, as well as the retailers that stock their products: K-Way, Keedo, and Sparks & Ellis, giving them the power to deliver a consistently high-quality shopping experience for every customer.

A crucial part of this three-way collaboration was the focus on Cape Union Mart’s vast network. To cover everything meant integrating systems that encompass hundreds of stores under various brands as well as their more niche omnichannel projects. On the surface, this project was extremely ambitious because, for most omnichannel retailers, the idea of connecting their webshop on Salesforce Commerce Cloud with in-store POS systems across a bunch of different environments is a bit far-fetched. Thankfully though, they chose to work with Wolfpack and Cow Hills.

The outcomes were impressive though. As a result of the collaboration between the three partners, the project's scope extended to change management within Cape Union Mart’s Distribution Centre, integrating a new Oracle cloud-based Warehouse Management System. This not only optimized current-state and future-state process flows but also facilitated comprehensive staff training and a smooth transition to the new system​​. A win and a proud moment for everyone involved.

What The Future Holds

Looking ahead, Cape Union Mart’s commitment to expanding its omnichannel capabilities, with multiple projects on the horizon, demonstrates an ongoing drive to improve the retail experience for their customers, no matter the channel. Wolfpack and Cow Hills’ partnership has laid a foundation for Cape Union Mart’s continuous omnichannel growth, promising a future where the storied brand can offer even more innovative and customer-centric shopping experiences​​.

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